Petra Remy

  • Reliable Home Inspections

John Erdman completed a house inspection that I requested before embarking on some aesthetic renovations. It was important for me to make sure there were no major structural or maintenance issues that needed to be addressed first. He did a very thorough review of my house and made some great recommendations, one of which was to add insulation to the walls and ceiling. When the insulation people came, they found not only (as John made me aware) was my insulation low but the front of my house did not have any insulation at all. Can you believe what that did to my heating bill, so his suggestion was very fortuitous.

Because of the thoroughness of his inspection and his obvious expertise, I felt confident starting my renovations knowing that the house was in good condition. The new insulation will make my home more energy efficient and more pleasant in the warm and cold seasons. Without hesitation, I recommend contacting John Erdman for any house inspection needs.

Service: Annual maintenance checkup